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CD recommendation for PA

Bothy Cat

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they are pre-mixed but you can pick out tracks still, they do a range of general "party" ones but also lots of genre cd's such as 70's, 80's, motown, rock etc



Yes, like the mix tapes we used to do of the top 40 on Sunday afternoon, except no Bruno Brookes! (press pause, press pause!)

These are pretty good,

Also not sure if you could download them?

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decent bassy type CD


Remember please everyone that this is just one of those questions with a million answers - and as such pretty pointless!


Decent? relies on your own opinion, and too much guesswork without full details as has been said.

Bassy? As in a bass heavy mix, or a Nancy Sinatra song, or .......


Please do not contibute to this topic until the OP has come back and explained the context of his question.

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