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Current prices for 4core 2.5mm2?


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I dont think the forum is here to do your leg work and do your shopping around for you



I though it was here to ask questions and converse with other people, having spent a while doing the *leg work* already, I am

asking if any one knows of any better priced sources than I have already found. With the current jumping in price of copper I'm

not entirly sure what is a good price at the moment for 4 core 2.5mm2, as I don't buy much or regually, while others here do.

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As Simon said, plenty of useful stuff around not labelled in big letters OXYGEN FREE LOUDSPEAKER - evn found some 5 core flexible 2.5 for just over £100 FOR 100M here.


Two types of 'real' Van Damm 4 core here.



To be honest, we are a place where people discuss, but I've just spent ten minutes on Google doing this - so can quite understand the comments about doing the leg work. Still - you've now got some more chances - but you could already have seen these?

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Thanks for the replies. The cable I'm looking at replacing/adding to is currently pvc jacketed mains cable, so ideally, and my question is related to rubber jacketed eg, the Vandamme Brian mentioned. I'm not looking for as much as 100m at this point (I did mention 30m...) and I don't think CPC do cable per meter (they do 2 core 2.5mm2 at a good price with one of there cheaper brands but not 4 core..which is annoying).


As far as googling I've tried the obvious (to me) searches but not come up with much... kinda at a loss what to be searching for. No one's actually said if £1.57 / m is actually a good price in the market at the moment for rubber 4 core 2.5mm2 or not. Just seems a bit high when I can get budget 2.5mm2 2 core for £0.58 / meter.


Also I though it was worth asking incase any one knew of anyone doing a good deal on it atm or selling off over/old/liqudated/etc stock that isn't plastered all over the internet or the usally channels.....





Also from a quick google search yy control cable Cable
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Hi Stories,


I'd say £1.79 a metre is excellent, provided it's good stuff. If you're buying 100m, get to feel it first if you can. I bough a drum of supposedly flexible speaker cable, and it was a nightmare to coil and just wouldn't lay flat - really badly behaved, and that was on a warm day. Got it exchanged OK though.


Rubber or "rubbery PVC", like Klotz or Sommercable is the best, but you're looking at £2-3 a metre. Buy once, cry once I'd say, and be prepared to rugby tackle anyone you see "washing lining" your precious cables at the get-out after a gig.



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