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Mac 2000 Profile or Mac 2000 Performance??


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Hi peeps,

I'm just writing up a wish list to add onto my budget next year and am wanting to purchase some new moving heads. I have been looking at the mac 2000 profile and performance, who in specs seem to be pretty similar. I was just wondering if any of you could recommend one over the other? They both seem pretty similar in specs and operation and both seem to be more profile based than a wash (obviously) so surely they are pretty much the same?!?! We have several MAc 500's rigged foh, so they would be to replace these making them surplus. So that gives a basic idea of what they will be used for as to what they are replacing.


Hope to hear your recommendations soon,

Kind regards and many thanks in advance,


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Just as a side note, the Mac 2000 Profile and the Mac 2000 Performance are now superseeded byt the Mac 2000 Profile II and the Mac 2000 Performance II.


However the original versions are still supported by Martin if you were to buy secondhand, but if buying new, it will be the Mk II versions youll be going for.

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