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Peavey Pa Hire For Disco


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I am looking for pa for next saturday night. I am looking to pay £75 for the night. I have my recommened system.


The recommened system is:


2x Peavey Pro 15


2x Peavey Pro Sub


1x Peavey PV1500 Power Amplifer




The pa hire needs to be near chesham, bucks.





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Don't you already have an exact same thread all ready started about the exact same thing, If you can't get a answer there why start another thread, If I'm thinking correct though many users have given you good advice for your other event and they should all be able to help this time also.


Oh, And seriously there is much better gear other there than peavy, I don't like the stuff most of the pro's don't for 75 for a night you might get better equipment.

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You can get a couple of stacks of Floodlight for that if you pick it up and drop it off. There really isn't any comparison. I've tried to think of a way to compare it, but with the exception of "train crash : lottery win" I really can't think.





Rob - being pedantic, am I corerct in assuming you refer to the consequence of said train crash, as opposed to the sound of the actual crash itself.... rail mishaps tend to be very loud, live and real... the very opposite of anything P****y ;)




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Oh, so not much of a difference then Rob? :P



2x Peavey Pro 15, can't two of these be bought for around £100? use em once, sell em on ebay for £50-£60?



you MAY get a little more for them if you sell them before the first week in November :** laughs out loud **:

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My advice for the OP would be to go to yell.com stick in PA hire and his home town then ring a few of the companies it throws up. Tell them the rough size of the room, number of people expected and the program material and let the hire co suggest what they have that will do the right job.


As others have said there are a lot better sounding PA cabs out there. For £75 you should be able to get a decent pair of boxes and the oppurtunity to try a new system and see what you've been missing.

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You can't know how much amp power you need untill you work out what speakers you need.


You don't know what speakers you need till you know the room size/number of people attending.


You need to tell us:


  • the size of the room the system will be in
  • your absolute maximum budget
  • the type of music you will be putting through the system
  • the number of people attending


Untill you do this we can't help you.



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Josh, I should not bother mate, unless you have the OP's requirements he does not seem to listen to any helpful comments, no offence, but this is a sound forum OP, you should really list the above if you expect to recieve advice, if not, don't post.


John Denim.

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