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Rattling EV RX212


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Hi All!


I have a problem with an EV RX212. There's a strange rattle!. It sounds like this originates from the tweeter, but I'd guestimate the frequency to be around 400Hz I've not had the opportunity to test it since, but I'm wondering how to go about sorting it out! I'm thinking about using a function generator (at low level) and "sweeping" the cabinet to replicate the problem.

Sounds easy enough in theory, but is it in practice?

Has anyone else had similar issues? I should point out that I've tightened everything up which I can see and all seems well inside the box, and for info, the box was running full range (and carefully) from a Camco Vortex4.


Can anyone advise???



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If its resonating it could be a few things. Check all the bolts are tight on the drivers and flare. Plus also as said before check the Horn assembly is tight into the flare. Have you noticed any difference in the HF at all?
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