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fixture logging software


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Well... What do you want to log... if you are using RDM - then your RDM interface should have the software required.


The best software for someone with only a few lights (ie <100 or so) would be MS Excel or Access (depending on how advanced you want to go).


If you are talking about fixture schedules and the like, lightwright is probably your best bet, but it is not free by any means.


If you are just talking about maintenance logs and the like there are various pieces of rental software like HireTrack, RentalDesk R2, EasyJob etc which will all do what you ask, and more. There is also asset tracking software which will do it, as well as equipment maintenance systems.


They all tend to be specialist, and they all tend to cost money (although there is a free version of RentalDesk which is slightly limited but may suit your purpose).

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