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AKG 414 Substitute


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Hi guys. My dads running a small home studio. he uses akg c1000 at the moment. but he has noticed they make a nasty noise around 3/4k.


he also has a Rode NTK but its a lot of hassle to set it all up.


he was advised by people from the bbc that the akg 414 was a good mic. is there a cheaper alternative mic about?



can anyone help? many thinks, Gethin.

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There are a few mic that are of good quality that are below the 414. Take a look at the AKG 214, the Audio Technica 4033a or 4047a. Also have a look for a used tube mic. The SE Electronics ones usually come up on EBAY for under £300 and are a very nice mic for vocals for the price you pay for them.


I would hold out for the 414's though, I have 2 of them and they are so handy to use and you can get a good sound easily with them on any instrument inc vocals. Loads of Queen's vocals were done using these mics.

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Er...yes and no.


When you buy a stereo pair the mics have been (at least in theory) checked and matched so the sensitivity and frequency response will be identical.


Now, as long as the quality control at the manufacturer is good, this shouldn't be strictly necessary and I've often used mics like AKG451s in a coincident pair setup with no matching problems even though they were bought as separate mics.


However, nowadays there are lots of perfectly good sounding inexpensive mics--but one of the trade offs to keep the price low is that there can be a fair bit of difference in the sound from mic to mic. Trying to use these in a stereo situation is hit and miss. Basically, you can just try it and see.



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