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Serious advice needed!

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Ok I have done my gcses and I am seriously failing at my A levels I am thinking about leaving school for the lighting industry, Lighting is something I have always wanted to do .

I have done the lights for lots of local productions even assisting at some major local events. Now what I need is some help on what to do now is it advisable to get some more training or to go in through experiance?



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Guest lightnix

There's a number of threads already in this forum which contain the kind of advice you may find very helpful. This one is probably a good starting point.


Also some good advice here.


Apart from that, have a good click through the forum. It should give you a few ideas to be going on with. If you have any questions after that, do feel free to ask.

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Try your damned hardest to get something out of the A Levels. I'm not too sure that many people here would recommend dropping out completely if things start to go pear shaped. I struggle with my Civil Engineering Degree, hate my dissertation and the idea of the 5 b*st*rd exams I have to do to finish. I could drop out, but it wouldn't be worth it. Plus having a degree will hopefully help in getting work in this industry, which is where I want to be.


Think of it as a challenge- you can show employers that you had to stick with something to get through a rough patch because you wanted to achieve something. I'm not too sure how you'd stand if you did decide to drop out either in terms of future employment.


I'd suggest sticking with it. It's only another year and a bit (I guess). Use the time to gain experience in different places (6th form productions etc) and build links with potential employers. You can always gig at weekends and do coursework weekdays.


Just my thoughts on the subject. All the best in whatever you choose, and I'm sure there'll be loads of others here with different advice.


Little DJ

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I would also say stick at it.


I didnt go to college- long story- but basicallyi did a modern apprenticeship in travel (the naffest job I ever had in my life!) Although I got qualifications (NVQ2+3), I still had to go back after I quit travel to get an alevel so I could get into uni. Lets say you quit college and tried to make it in the industry. Then that went pear shaped. Where would you be? If you wanted to go to uni, you'd have to go to college again to get a-levels.


Always have something to fall back on. And dont forget, future employers might ask you why you left college. You saying cos you hated it, doesnt show determination. Sticking at it and gritting your teeth does.


Enjoy college. If there's one thing I regret it's not going. For a start I lost contact with most of my friends cos I had to work etc and they made new ones. You also make a lot of contacts in college. Get to know the drama people and offer your services as a lighting tech for if they make it big somewhere. You never know.


There are also loads of bands and stuff like that too. Make yourself known to them. The guy who designs radiohead's lighting was with them when they very first got going and now he's still with them and raking it in!!


Good luck, Grit your teeth and think of the future!!!


Of course, this is just my opinion....




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