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Sanyo Projectors - Image with Blue "Spots"


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Hi all,


Got 2 Sanyo Projectors (PLC-SU30), both the same age (about 4 years old).


Basically they are both now showing blue "dots" on the screen - not the right word but I'm not sure how best to describe it!


Parts of the image will be fine, whilst other areas will have a very strong blue tinge to them. The blue is in different places on each projector, and our newer one is fine, so I know it's not a signal problem.


Does it sound like the optic block is on its way out on both of these?


If so, are they repairable or are they a throw-away job? I've had the whole units apart a few times to clean out the lenses, as they are in a nightclub, and even the smokeproof housings don't keep them properly clean!





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If you slowly run through the whole focus range, you may find that the 'spots' come into focus. They may then also come up as individual colours (some blue, some red etc). These are bits of dust on the optics, and need cleaning off. If there is no change in the spots or they don't become focused it may be that the TFT's and filters are burnt out due to age and heat. This will be cheaper to sort by buying a new projector.


Make sure you are earthed when using an airline. I know of one poor sole who trashed £12k of projector with a static discharge across the TFT's. Killed the main optics, and cost more for the assembly than a new machine cost.

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Another thought, it could be the bulbs.


If the units have a built in "bulb run" timer check that.


I've just replaced the bulb in our Dell 2300 MP after 1100 hours of use (it originally claimed to have only a 1000 hour life).

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A couple of things to try,


download a test signal program and use thr red, green & blue rasters to identify any missing pixels for those colours, if yuo cannot find a test program make a powerpoint slide consisting of a full primary red screen and one for primary green and another for Blue any white or odd coloured pixels could mean you have dead pixels or other problems with one particular colour.


the other thing that can cause strange blobs in haze ingress, this is where haze or smoke has been taken into the projector through the vents, you then get an oily build-up on the panels which can manifest itself as strange blobs.

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As soundo says could well be oil deposits

one way to confirm this is to check if the properties of the marks change as the projector gets hotter.

if its oil the marks will sometimes only appear whenthe projector warms up.


generally if its a bulb on its way out the image takes on a yellow tinge first

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