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Projecting onto buildings


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Hi Everyone. What Projector would I need for to illuminate onto say, a 3 storey building?

That is quite an open question. If you can give us some more detail on the project, and what it is that you are trying to acheive, im pretty sure we will be able to help.

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If it's during day light, forget it.


If it's after sunset, then I'd at a punt say atleast 10,000 Lumens. If it's three storeys and taller than wide, then maybe a pair of 10k projectors, stacked vertically and edge blended in the middle.


Basically we need to know more on:

-Type of content

-Time of Day

-Size of projection area

-Available Power

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Go and have a google search for graffiti research lab. They have a superb thing where they use a green laser pointer to 'draw' on the side of a building, with a projector. Its a fairly hefty projector they use to project onto like 15 storey buildings, and I think they give some info on the type of projector which they used.
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Its a fairly hefty projector they use to project onto like 15 storey buildings



Take a look here




They used a 5000 lumen projector on to what looks like a 15+ storey building.


Yup, thats the one I was on about!


Out of interest, what are you trying to project / time of day / type of building ?

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Its worth noting that the guys from Muonics are only projecting peak white on black and have specifically selected a projector that is not too bright in order not to interfere with their laser tracking system.


If you wanted to project an image with any subtlety in contrast or colour on that scale you would have to double the lumen output. Remember that in the professional arena people are now used to on average about 18000 lumens for a 6mx4m image, admittedly on a transmissive rather than reflective media, but still it sounds like your projection surface will be less than ideal... Also people have mentioned time of day, but more importantly the ambient light conditions


Without knowing more about your particular circumstances it is really hard to make any truly objective suggestions. It would be good to know what your content is, the building, or details about the building, such as surface, colour, how much of it it glass, concrete or other, throw distance available, size of the image you are aiming for.


Last time I did this it was a Grayscale DVD onto a grey concrete building with an image 20m x 15m and we got away with a Barco HD18 at night in with sodium street lighting nearby and that general city glow that you get.


Lets hope the OP hasn't been put off by more negative comments and the he will return and tell us more.


Its always interesting to hear of people doing something a little different and I for one am keen to hear how it worked out.


Hope this is of some use.




Edit ; sp

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Recently used a 5k lu projector onto a 3 story building darkish red brick building with a throw of about 20m (cant remember lens) for projecting white text and a few images. It could be made out but I would have preferred a little more power to the projector but then again they had do it onto a whiteish wall the week before and it was fine.


Turning off street lights can make a huge difference.

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