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Foam Machine....What to put on the floor...


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Basically I'm just about to buy a foam machine, but was woundering is there anything that I can also buy to put on the floor?? like some mats or some kind of material to stop it from being so slippery?


Cheers Zak

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Hi there Zak,


When our larger foam cannons or generators are hired out we usually supply the client with a custom built foam pit.


One example would be the run of Foam Parties we ran at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe before the council decided to shut the place down.


The room had a sprung oak dancefloor, which we initially covered in a THIN builders plastic membrane, on top of which we added a layer of 6mm ply boards over the entire room, which was then covered with a THICK builders plastic membrane and on the top of this we laid some Contractors grade foam back carpet.


However, one thing I will say is that NOTHING will 100% stop the floor being slippery, once anything becomes covered in foam, it decides to take on a whole new personality.


Hope this helps,


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