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more than one pyro from a channel


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Im having a stupid moment here, and cannot find the info on le-maitres site.


Basically we have more pyros than channels, and some (Ie a 3way gerb array) are in the same safety zone, I want to fire them together, from a single channel.


In the back of my mind I seem to remember that you can fire more when wired in series rather than parallel, I remember because it seemed strange to me, and would have thought it the other way around.


Can anyone confirm this, we already have the hardware, so would prefer not to start hiring stuff in if it isn't necessary.


Many Thanks

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cheers, its the le-maitre 6 way jobbie, but we have 4 mines, and 3 gerbs to do all in one number (the finale)


I was just concered about 1, The load if in series, and 2 if they would all fire as they should (ie what happens if one goes a split second before the others, or is that taken into account in the design??)

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If you're using product from the same manufacturer, you'll be fine. It's mainly a problem when you use product from two or more factories and they are using different igniters. Some people go so far as to only put product from the same batch in a series circuit, but whilst it is ideal practice, it's not strictly necessary.


If you're using a 6\24, then Le Maitre suggest a maximum of 10 effects in series per channel over a maximum of 50m of cable. If it's a newer ProStage 6 then they suggest a maximum of 16 effects in series per channel over a maximum of 100m of cable.


(Reference... http://www.lemaitreltd.com/productCategory...UKeyCategory=20 )


I know that a few years ago, Le Maitre changed their igniters without telling anyone (which caught a few of us out!) so have a look at your boxes. If they're both within the last year or so, I wouldn't worry about it!


Happy shooting!


EDIT: Added reference

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