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Light Factory Licence stability.


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OK so brought an enttec pro interface because I was really struggling with the open version on my vista machine. Everything works fine, but I installed the licence onto the interface. When running a show I can use my old xp laptop and take the Vista one as a backup (seems strange using something newer as a back up). Now Ive got it in my head that the licence on the interface is going to get corrupted and I'll be stuck in the middle of a show. Is this a genuine worry or am I being a girlie?


Only got the basic (36 Chanel) licence so wonder if I should use chamsys as that would give me 512. But I really cannot get my head around chamsys and its rare I actually get to play with more channels (where I do they have a new bullfrog desk to try)

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Don't worry about the license getting corrupted. It's really stable when it's on there. Have you had any problems so far with it? I have my license (512channels) on my Pro interface, have done so for a year or so now, the only problems I have had is when Windows fails to pickup the device, and so I just unplug it, re-install the driver, plug it in, and all is good again




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