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FuturescanII DMX controller Manual required

The Yellow Transit

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I have just acquired a "Futurescan II DMX system controller" without a manual and after googleing for any info about it, can`t find anything of any use .

I have tried the wiki with no luck and Abstract don`t appear to have any downloads for this controller.

I think it`s about 10 years old.

If anyone has a link to any site where I maybe able to download the manual I would much appreciate it



Thanks Phil N

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A 2U rack mount unit?


Next time I'm in the office I'll have a look for you if I can remember. Depends how efficient my clear-outs have been....

Yes thats the one , lets hope you missed it on your last clear-out .

That`ll be brilliant if you`ve still got it ;)


looking on the dj forum I asked the same question an got sent this link " http://www.sabretechnology.co.uk/technical.htm who are the designers they have old pdf downloads and can supply circuit diagrams


thanks to niclights for trying

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