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Jester ML48


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The college I work at currently has a new build going up which contains a drama studio. Amongst the many ongoing discussions I'm having with the contractors is the issue of which lighting desk to get. I'm looking for something with two sets of 24 faders that can do either two preset operation or 24 channel faders & 24 subs. I'd considered the standard Jester originally but then thought that the ML48 version might be more useful for future expansion. As it's such a new (?) desk, there's little information out there at the moment; has it even been launched yet?

I've regularly used the 48 fader standard Jester; what I'm hoping for is a desk just like that but with the added ML functionality. Can anyone confirm whether the ML48 will do that?





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From Zero 88


The Jester ML desks have three modes, allowing them to operate as simple two scene preset desks through to a fully functional memory consoles. In playback mode the user has full access to all the channels on the console. This allows live changes to be made to specials instantly.


seems to answer the question fairly well.

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