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Chamsys MQ Strange mode


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Hey Guys!


Got a bit of a weird one... I was playing around with my Chamsys touch screen today and I was trying to get out of exec mode (wrong show loaded and no exit button!) anyhoo... I was trying a combination of keys and I found that left ctrl shift alt and '?' pushed together open up a selection box which says


'Select Show Outcome'


and gives various options:


World Peace

Thermo Nuclear Des


Phone a friend

I feel lucky.


Anyone else found this? I was kinda hoping this was a game, but it doesn't seem to be!



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I like it, just tried to get it up on my Magic Q however and couldn't get it to work with your key sequence. Seems like someone at Chamsys has a sense of humour and is a fan of the classic film 'War Games'.
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I have had a go on the PC version and no luck... Works on my mac though... cant be bothered to drag the desk out at the mo to test it. If there are any magicq developers listening it would be great if it said 'Shall we play a game'!
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shall we play a game? (says bugtracker admin)


Good thing the easter egg is there. I use it a lot of times. You might think where is the world peace then?

Why didn't it phone me yet? No,no.. it just a very good answer to the question: where is the MagicQ space invaders? my question is then: will your console bring me world peace and I quickly show the egg.


But serious, for starters: never try this egg when running a live show!

I has been created after a serious amount of gin and has not been 'finished' after.

As far as I know it is only there on MQ PC and can only be activated by the keyboard.


Hint: "Your questionmark is used for substracting and the keys found should be used on the right side of the keyboard...."


Last easter I had a full explaination on ChamSys.net for 2 days :angry:

(you are all welcome by the way, we need people that dig into the software!)



Ron D. Lite

webmaster ChamSys.net

(the ChamSys Community)


(if anyone wants to know the intended 'features' ... )

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