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The usual "small band" post and looking for a real shop


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Personal philosiophy (audio):- If your band needs more than 1000Watts, Hire somone ELSE to do it. Reason:- If your primary function is to be a musician, anything more than "basic" diverts your attention and that size gig will cover the fee.


So:- 5 piece band playing funk tunes to pub audiences. As it happens, three of the guys are former DJs so there are a few projectors around for entertainment. So ............


1/ I want some lighting because it lifts the band from the darkness, but really not much. It frightens the pub owner if you pack too much gear, also all the fingers and toes are busy. Plus you have to rig it and take it home to where there is very little storage space. Any lighting has to be really close (hot! ). We are limited to the floor a simple lighting bar (low ceilings!!) or 2 and whatever can bolt to the speaker poles.


2/ I'd really like to visit a shop to get my hands on stuff and ask stupid questions. I live in Hertfordshire/North London.



I'm off to continue reading FAQs, Meanwile, Any suggestions?

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Yes, I'd agree. If you're not too worried about lighting faces and just want something to make it look a bit more polished, then get 6 LED Par56s and put 4 on the floor behind the band and 1 on the floor either side of the band inside the speaker stands or thereabouts and play around with them. They won't take up much space at home, won't be hot, will happily run off 1 x 13A socket and will look pretty good running off a fairly cheap DMX controller.
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