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Jester 24/48


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Hey BR,


Am currently programming a Jester 24/48 but having read through the manual I can't see anyway of putting in point cues?


Does anyone know if its possible to do this or I it a no hoper?


Cheers Oli


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Scrap that just found out.


Thanks anyway

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In Program Mode, select the memory before the one you want to add a point cue (for example, if you want to add 3.5, select Memory 3). Then press Insert. Use the down arrow to move down to 3.1, and then continue moving down until you select the point you require, then program as normal. If you have a monitor connected you will see that press ing Insert opens up the point cues in the Memories list.


I hope this helps - as others have said, if there is anything else I can do to help, please do let me know either here or on the Zero 88 forums.







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Peter good call


I have had to program a load of these desks for Park Resort holidays


my word the cd rom is not easy to understand


I think the wording is very bad


half the time I think 'and store/enter/save'

but there is no need as its already their


good desks once set up but not very natural to programme


just my op (I am a bit thick though)


Will use a abuse your knowledge when stuck if ok





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Hi Clive


You might be interested to know that we've just released Phantom Jester - the offline editor for the Jester range. This gives you the ability to program and manipulate your show before you even get to the venue.


With regards your comments about the user manual, I will pass these on to our development team. I hope you have managed to get your head around the desk now - it's a powerful little desk :)






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Thanks Joe - we've worked hard to make it user friendly and as similar to the desks as possible, to let people like you learn the desk before you get your hands on the real thing, or to train yourself if you've got a spare hour or two. Don't forget to check out the online help - Shift+Left+Right - for a basic guide to everything you need to know.
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