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Herras Fence Cover/ Netting

James S

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Looking for some black netting material for herras fencing/ crowd barrier. Any suggestions.


I know I have used different colours before but Tildenet only seem to show green on thier website. I thought about sunbada and so on but thought that they would be quite expensive, even though I do not require printing.




If anyone can help, that would be good.

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A cheap option if you just want some partial screening for Heras fencing is debris netting. You can buy it from scaffold supply companies, and it comes in several colours. Not sure about the wisdom of adding it to CCB though.


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Phone Tilda they do black it does have a blue cheque pattern too it but I put it on the floors of all the tents at V festival last year and was sick and tired by the end. Should have kept some for you.




bit cheeky but do you know the name / supplier of floor coverings the V has used at chelmsford, usually in front of second stage NME / 4 music its quite a thick black plasticy looking stuff (to be technical).



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