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NCFE Level 1 certificate in Technical theatre

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Hi, I am currently in the process of completeing the NCFE level 1 certificate in technical theatre at my 6th form college. I am trying to complete my portfolio and I am finding the list of topics I am meant to be completing a little vague.

I was wondering if anyone else had done this course and would be able to give me any help with it?



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It was offered as an extra subject at my college to take with my AS exams.

and I am on study leave now so its hard to get in contact with my tutor about it.

I think if you search it on google or something you may find if some places offer it?

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We can't really help as the qualification is in two parts. You have to do both of these:

Explore employment opportunities in technical theatre

Understand the role of the theatre technician


and then just one of these:

Assist in sound operations

Assist in lighting operations

Assist in creating sets using stagecraft skills

Assist in creating characters using stagecraft skills


The evidence rules are pretty wide - so your teacher should have told you what to do - if s/he hasn't we have no way of helping. It does strike me that the second part is all about doing things, so you presumably are stuck on one of the top two.


More info is needed, I think.

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