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Laser hire


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Hi all


Anyone know of a good place to hire lasers from around east anglia.


They need to be fairly powerfull and DMX controlable, the club I will be using them in holds around 1800 people so it's a big room.


I need 4-6 of them and they need to be green.


Moving head or scanner lasers would be good




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Not based in East Anglia, but will happily deliver to for a very fair price... CSR Lighting.


Gary's got a pretty large stock of lasers from 300mw up to a couple of watt's. Price depends on what you want & how long for. Never had a bad experience hiring from him, gears always in great condition and is usually seems happy to try come up with an acceptable price (obviously as long as the clients being reasonable! :** laughs out loud **:).


HTH, Tom

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