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Robe 575xt spots


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Just posting to collect a few opinions on these movers, I've just picked up a couple and all seems good, except they seem a little dull for a 575. They have the older aluminium reflector and the bulbs have done a lot of hours... I think about 900ish is the counters were reset correctly. Do bulbs dim in time?

Also, does anyone know of any reason why not to use G clamps to hang them instead of half couplers. Thought I've heard somewhere that only half coupler should be used, but I ain't sure!



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Clamp type does not matter so long as there are two of them and they are suitably rated.


Metal Halide lamps do dull badly over time. Usually this will be visible as cloudy/grey/brown/blackening & output can reduce by as much as 2/3rd. Certainly if they've done 900hrs I'd replace, although the accuracy of a timer depends entirely on whether someone bothered to reset it at the last change!


Hot-spotting the lamp is also very important and can easily account for 50% brightness when done correctly.


Finally, make sure all optics are clean.

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