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Baby Grand Piano Hire

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Hi guys,


I'm after a baby grand piano for Newbury Showground this Saturday (17th).


It would need to be delievered early afternoon, tuned, then taken away at the end of the night. No idea where to start looking, google is not being my friend today, and I thought I'd sooner give someone here the business if they deal with that.


It's for Joe Longthorne, not that it matters.









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Sheargold in Maidenhead: Link


Hickies in Reading: Link


I needed to hire a piano once. Hickies were cheaper so I didn't use Sheargold but they did reverse their van into the stage I was underneath and the piano was in a bit of a state.


For tuning I had to arrange my own tuning from a local piano tuner.


Be aware if the weather is hot then the piano will go out of tune again within about three hours so you may want your tuner to stick around.


Hope that helps!



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Try Shakell's, based in oxfordshire, worked with Jeff many times, and his Klavier Roller is very impressive! Supplies all the pianos of various sizes for Malvern and Birmingham. Plus he tunes his own pianos, and will probaly stick around (unless he's got another job on!)



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Teagues new website is www.teaguespianos.co.uk, and the number is 0121 779 6000.


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Teagues new web site is www.teaguespianos.co.uk and their number is 0121 779 6000.


We've used Teagues before, they only show uprights on their website but I know they have provided us with Steinway grands of different sizes before, when ours have not met the artists standards.



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