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addressing of lc panels


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Hi guys,


I remember at glastonbury 2007 we had martins lc series in a small tent next to the other stage. We had 8 panels rigged and was running them through martins own maxedia compact.


Now I recall addressing these a real pain and took 2 guys from martin the best part of an hour to work this out. Now I take it because there over a year old now there is a much easier way to work this out.


To cut to the chase we will be using like 40 lc panels over the course of three trusses. ill explain how (try to) without giving away to much about our design. we will have 1 lc panel on the back truss then a gap of a meter and so on and so on. Then on the mid truss where the first gap starts on the back truss we will have an lc panel then a gap and so on and so on. then like wise with the front truss. So by now I gather you will know our design. almost like a staggerd 3d design (yes-no)? .


So here comes the technician bit


How in gods name do we address them.


Any reply's would be very much appreciated



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LC2140 panels are addressed as if looking at the screen from the front from the top left in binary on dip switches.


LC2140 is treated as a double height panel for the mapping so if you were to start at the top left corner the first panel is x -1 y=2 the next one down is x = 1 y = 4 and the x = 1 y=6 etc.


the dip switch on the back is laid out so that the first 6 dips are the y and te second six are the x so x 3 y 4 = 000100,000011


Also you need to consider that the buffer outputs a 1024x768 image regardless of how many panels are connected, so if you are using a screen with less pixels you will need to use either a sclaer like an image pro or scale your content to fit on the screen. one panel of lc2140 is 50 pixels high by 25 pixels.


It is often easier to place your portion of screen in the middle of the 1024x768 workspace.


If your screen will not be a straightforward screen this will affect how you map the pixels of the panel, probably best to map it out on a piece of graph paper before hand. also if you are spacing your panels out you will need to consider the limitations of DVI cable as well.



I have a resonable amount of experience with LC2140 and its use under fire, if you need any more advice feels free to PM me and I'll give you a ring


Hope this answers more questions than it raises,



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