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Light Factory running homeade lightboxes?


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So I want to use Light Factory to run a lightshow with some homeade lightboxes. Each of my lightboxes is simply a wooden wedge with a white worklight in it. I plan on running an Enttec USB-DMX Pro to an Elation DP-DMX-20L DMX Dimmer Pack, which will have my 4 lightboxes plugged in.


What fixture should I use in Light Factory?


Please forgive me, as I am extremely new to this. You might be wondering why I want to use Light Factory and spend money on the Enttec and Elation hardware. I have scoured the internet (with my lack of lighting knowledge), and it appears to be the only way that I can do what I'm trying to do. I want preprogrammed click track and audio to play in winamp during my shows (click and audio into my drummers ears, audio to the PA), and have winamp output timecode to Light Factory to trigger certain cues, thus having a preprogrammed light show that runs smoothely with our music.


This being said, a guy on Harmony-Central forums had done a similar thing. I just haven't gotten ahold of him to see what type of lights he used. If he used simple lights, then I don't see why this couldn't work for me. If he used fixtures that were actually available in Light Factory, then maybe I'm out of luck?


Help!!! And thanks ahead of time!



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Hi Brady


Just patch 4 normal dimmers (the default patch in Light Factory includes 500 dimmer channels, so you shouldn't need to change it). You might be interested to know that Zero 88 are now selling Light Factory with a 1 universe licence and output dongle for £299 - contact your Zero 88 dealer for details.


Hope this helps,




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