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Anyone need some drapes?


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Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong place, mods please move as neccessary.


I designed a set for a band a couple of years ago that included several drapes.

This consists of;


Red velour Tableau drape – 44’ wide x 26’ drop (2 x (22'w x 26'd))

3 off red velour truss borders with fullness 44’x2’6’’

4 off red velour legs 5’ wide x 24’ drop with fullness

Grey gauze drape 40’x24’

1 off 24' wide x 1' high red velour riser skirt

1 off 24' wide x 2' high red velour riser skirt


Tableau drape has rings attached on rear for "up and off" gathering.


They could also be hung on a track or fly bar.


I think all the sizes above are correct, a couple of legs and the skirts may be slightly different.



For the last 17 months they have been sat in storage, I've finally convinced the powers that be that we should get rid of them while they are still useful to someone.


If anyone is interested, please contact me, management won't want much cash for this, just a token offer really.






it's not a great pic, but it's the best I have!

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Just come back from a weekend away, and wow what a lot of pm's about the drapes! Probably not so surprising really.

There are too many to reply to individually, so apologies if you are waiting for one, I'm not being rude, there's just not enough hours in the day.

The drapes do now have a new home with a deserving am-dram group. Sorry to everyone else, we could have made more cash elsewhere but I'd rather they helped out a poorly funded group than go into hire stock somewhere.



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