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Pixel Par 90's and the Fat Frog


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Yoo all


I was wondering which one of the following Fixtures applies to the thomas thomas pixel par 90 in mode "max 2" on the Zero 88 Fat frog?


The Guy that is hiring them only has a fat frog(needs Pearl!)

obviously it would be great for him to be able to use all the color mixing,Fx's,and dimming.And Great for me because he will hire Again!! :)


Fixture Types in Release 18.0


PixelPar 90L (Hi)

PixelPar 90L (Lo)

PixelPar90 16bRGB6

PixelPar90 FX E1

PixelPar90 FX E1+

PixelPar90 FX E1E1

PixelPar90 FX E1E2

PixelPar90 FX E2

PixelPar90 FX E2+

PixelPar90 FX E2E2

PixelPar90 FXE1E1+

PixelPar90 FXE1E2+

PixelPar90 FXE2E2+






If none of these (from new fixtures list) will do,could he patch it as.......


PixelLine1044 Max2


as I believe it has the same channel maps as thomas pixel par 90 max2


Thx Logic :stagecrew: :unsure: :unsure:

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