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Brightest Moving Head (2000w)? & Your (1200w) Moving Head Choice?


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Both have 2000w lamps! Would the brightest be Coemar's Flex Spot/Wash, or HighEnd's ShowGun combined Spot/Wash Moving Heads?


Also for another area, if you are to use a moving head, features of the moving head woud be important right?

Which of the two would you get then, both would be fresh & new to hire and both would come from companies with

equal skills for support with your show, Colorspot 1200AT or MAC2000Spot?


Would a bigger 42degree zoom from the Colorspot become a DECIDING FACTOR for you or NOT REALLY?



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Once again, this topic has been covered alot, which fixture gives the best beam, intensity and it is more than likley that the fixtures you have mentioned, "Showgun" and "MAC2000" have been covered before, But here's my opinion, I have been lucky enough to DEMO the SHOWGUN when I was at PLASA and it is a very good fixture, the optics were really good but as is the MAC2000, it all depends on what you want to use them for.
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