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Avolites @PLASA 07


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Hello Guys,


I know this is a while since the event, but Avolites Stand @ PLASA 07 had some great "moving lights" to light the roof canopy that I loved and want to use them for a job.


Basically they were 4 ACL's set in a vertical line within a rectangular frame. each ACL had controlled tilt movement and the entire frame was able to rotate as well, a bit like the old 80's helecopter effect light. It was a brilliant piece of kit!! So simple but dead effective , particually with that many, To have all those ACL beams waving around like that is just what im looking for!


Would anybody know what im talking about!!? and if so ,where can you get them from? Maybe the usual suspects like Neg or HSL etc etc. I would call them but need to know what im asking for first!!


Thanks for your help

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Just FYI, they really don't like being rigged vertically as the whole frame distorts and flexes. This causes the rotating body to grind against the bottom cheek. It's easily fixed with a derig arm or bit of scaff and fixed clamp to support the bottom of the unit.
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