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Is it Possible to make ART-NET Ethernet DMX Hardware


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Is it possible to Make Art Net DMX to Ethernet Hardware??


I have seen some examples on Google but have not found any guides on how to do it.


Have any of you got and guides etc. on how to make Ethernet DMX art net hardware??


I have a small budget of around £45-50


PS I would like to use neutrik ethercon is possible for the ethernet

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It should be quite simple, if you know enough about microprosessers and programming them, otherwise it's certainly not a trivial exercise. ART-NET, UDP/IP and DMX are all published standards, so you just have to implement them to get it to work. However, designing and building one for that price would be tricky. My Atmel (a type of micro) development board cost over £100 to start with, and thats before I bought a single component.


There are several examples on the internet of transmitting DMX from a micro, (www.avrfreaks.net is a site I have used), which is a good place to start. Personally at this stage, I would worry less about the connectors you will be using and more about the components you need to get it to work.

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I’m a little confused as to what you want.


Are you building a console which you want to output ArtNet, do you want to convert ArtNet to standard 5Pin DMX or vice versa?


Anyway, the best to find information on ArtNet would be the Artistic License forum. There is a development kit available for ArtNet. Also a fair amount of information about ArtNet can be found floating around the net.


Try here:




Can you tell us more about what you’re trying to achieve?



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I need to be able to convert standard 5 pin DMX to art net.


Maybe others are even better priced, but this I know of:

Enttec Opendmxusb


Then connect this to an "old" PC by USB, on which is running examplewise:


Rowanmac ArtNode


The latter is reached thru one of the links on the Enttec OpenDMXUSB page.

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the Hip ArtNode works with Enttec DMX Pro but not with OpenDmx.


Another interesting resource is the Linux Light Arquitecture. The project is being distributed on a Live CD, but there are sources and debian packages too. LLA supports the following protocols/devices:


* ArtNet

* ESPNet

* ShowNet

* Enttec USB Pro

* SandNet (>= 0.2.0)

* Enttec Open DMX USB (>= 0.2.0)

* Pathport (>= 0.2.2)

* StageProfi (>= 0.2.2)


I have tested reading Art-Net from MagicQLinux and output to OpenDmx and works fine.


Happy new year and sorry for my english...

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As an alternative to an AVR dev kit, the Lantronix XPort embedded ethernet device server looks an interesting device.

It is available from Farnell for under £40. (order code 129-7883) I've no idea how you program it; an exercise for the reader...

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If I was going to build an Artnet-DMX converter, I'd use this board as a basis. It has an ARM Cortex processor with built in 10/100 auto MDIX (i.e. no crossover cable ever required) Ethernet and is available from Farnell or Digikey for under £40. The software can be developed entirely using free tools.



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Reviving an old post, it looks as if this may be a great use of a Raspberry Pi - Ethernet input, LLA software running on the Pi, Entec Open DMX USB output - should allow the construction of an Ethernet to DMX node for under £70, which seems to be a lot cheaper than other solutions out there - ideal if you want multi-universe output.
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