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Ballast for HSR MSR CSR lamps?


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In a conventional wound ballast setup it's the ignitor which is specified for hot re-strike, however if you're trying to upgrade, you may need to look at the lampholder and wiring as these should be rated for the extra ignition voltage.
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Thanks for the information so far guyz. I'll check that dealec. Although it might not work since I am in Finland.


I might not need the hot restrike. And then I could maybe use just electronic ballast. Low weight and good efficiency are important. This is for portable setup.


I was wondering if this might work: (I'd take the 220V version)




The projector bulbs I mentioned in my first post require about 70V input voltage. And this is the thing I am unsure, if those general electronic ballasts can supply that. Normally they mention output voltage about 90-125. On the otherhand they are advertised so as they drive any 400W bulb.

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