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Working in Canada


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I wonder if anyone can help me. Im flying out to canada at the end of January and Im trying to find theatre work out there. Ive already got a visa so thats all fine but when searching for jobs there seems to be so little posted on job websites. Anybody know of any secret sites or newspapers with lots of jobs advertised or do I need to be a member of a union to find the jobs?


Any help would be much appreciated.



Ben Locke

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Canada (and I speak as a Canadian) is mind-numbingly big if you haven't been there before. Which end of the country are you heading for? There's not much point talking about opportunities in Vancouver if you're going to Toronto..or vice versa!


FYI, one of our mods, Bryson, has recently emigrated to Vancouver and may have some pointers. However, as with most overseas jobs, it can be pretty hard to get things sorted out until after you get there...having a visa is 90% of the battle and once you arrive you can just start ringing around.



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I wish there were someone helpful like me when I emigrated...


Whereabouts in Canada? It's a big place, you know. :huh:


Anyway, there's:


CITT - kind of like the ABTT - they advertise a small number of jobs nationally.


For better results, you'll need to tap into the local networks. For Vancouver (where I am) there's Arts Alliance and BC Touring Council, as well as various adverts on the sites of the companies themselves. I assume Toronto / Calgary / Montreal etc have similar sites - they may even be linked from those sites...?


It's probably worth noting that as with all theatre-type jobs, it somewhat depends on who you know, so be persistent, don't be afraid to take corporate or "lower" jobs at first (because you meet people, you see) and take enough money for a good few months of sparse work - I've been here 3 months, and I'm just getting to the point of being comfortable.


If it is Vancouver, PM me. I can show you a couple of things and introduce you to a few people.

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Thanks for those pointers, thats great.


Im flying into toronto and thats where Im going to start looking first but if things dont work out there Im going to think about moving perhaps to bc we shall see.

Ive saved up a bit of money so should be able to survive to start with.


Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated


Many thanks



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Bryson's got some great tips there...I too am in Vancouver and there are a bunch of audio companies here that, at the very least, are looking for freelancers.


Union jobs are good if you can find them, but like every union, you start at the bottom of a VERY large totem pole. The local stagehand union in Vancouver is IATSE Local 118. The have a hold on a number of the larger venues & theatres in the city. There's also NASCO, which is a labour company in Vancouver and Toronto (www.nasco.ca); they have a few theatres in Vancouver and one of the stadiums, GM Place.


Regardless, check out our website www.proshow.com, we are actively looking for good audio & video freelance techs to add to our crew. There should be a link on the home page to send your CV to.


Good luck with your move!


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Welcome to Canada, eh!


Toronto - most of the Professional Stage work is done through International Alliance Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) 58 http://www.iatse58.org/


Toronto has a good TV and Movie business I.A.T.S.E. 873 (film) http://www.iatse873.com/ and or http://www.iatse411.ca/ for all other film TV work.


Most cities only have one International (Vancouver has more that one).


All cities have a vibrant small theatre vibe but they do not pay well.


Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive cities in Canada to live in. Also the largerst.




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