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Mechanical blackout for mounting on front of UV searchlight

Neil Gavin

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Hi there,


I am working on a public art installation that is using some UV searchlights ( colorlight CL 03-22 ) to illuminate UV paintings on buildings.


They are in outdoor locations exposed to the worst of the weather..


Because these use a discharge lamp I cannot quickly control the light output ( on/off ) without turning them on and off which will shorten the lamp life ( and probably not do the unit any good ! )


Does anyone know of a mechanical shutter/iris that I could mount on the front of the lamp ?


I was also thinking in terms of an old fashioned rotating colorwheel !?>


Has anyone any suggestions ?


Many thanks



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Rotating shutter this size is called a Lobsterscope, outdoors in the wind probably not so clever.


With Ynot on the louvres, look up Aldis Lamp particularly with where the Colorlight comes from;




Would also think talking to someone like Wildfire might be worthwhile, not cheap but neither is marine grade UV guess:



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Does your budget time and money get as far as a naval signalling lamp they had shutters capable of flashing morse at a reasonable speed and were certainly weatherproof. There were some at Anchor supplies (Nottingham and Ripley), But price and availability and ease of conversion!?!


The operating principle is like a venetian blind but operated by a lever

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Hi Neil, although I have not tried this idea myslef, I have heard of guys dimming UV with a scroller that starts with clear and uses varying shades of green from light to dark all the way to a blackout.

Hope it helps


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