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Got a show coming up in a fe weeks and we need to project Video and Images. I want to use powerpoint but I can't seem to get it right. What format videos do people use?


Is there any other way I can do this?


Sorry if this seems a pretty basic question but nothing I do seems to be right.




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It depends what you're showing, if it is just images and video rather than a fully blown presentation and it's the computer part that's being a pain you may be better off doing what we did for a previous show and just create a DVD with different chapters, video in one chapter, 15 minutes of a still image in another etc. This will mean more prep work but may be easier on the night. Your milage may vary.



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What format videos do people use?


Powerpoint handles .wmv and .avi files easily. Just ensure that your file pathname is correct

Some other formats will also work just fine but ensure that your codecs are up to date.


Also check out the advice given on the linked threads above



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Just a warning really.


One of the most common problems I get with presentations is that people don't have the media file that they want to play, with them.


"But it worked fine at home/in my office" :P


Ppt does not save video (or audio) files with it.



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