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Low Residue Bubbler Fluid


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For a couple of acts at the talent show I'm helping to run they are singing up beat, cutesy numbers and we thought it'd be fun to get a couple of bubblers for a little extra effect (I know, a bit cheesy but hey, it is a school talent show).


Now we managed to aquire two consumer level units from a friend as they were missing their fluid trays (no biggie as these can be replaced) for a whole £5 for two but during testing we noticed that they left quite a bit of residue behind that was slippery/sticky.


Admittedly we were running it on a tabletop for testing as we don't have access to the rigging until close to the night, but do you think this will be a problem, and if so can you get a low residue fluid to cut down on this?


I'm hoping that once they're mounted high and the effect is spread out that it won't be a problem, but I want to be sure as I really don't want the H&S officer going postal at me! :P

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