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edac multicore connection


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Do you mean Edac ? If so, Studiospares, Canford Audio and VDC are amongst several who will supply you with these multipins. VDC provide a pinout on this page, but it may not be the same as everybody's pinout - but it is compatible with what they make!


Also, although VDC will happily sell you what you want, they may well suggest that Edacs aren't the most robust connector for live use. The consensus seems to be that used carefully (and perhaps with some modification to the rather poor cable clamp) theyu can be just fine, but that circular bayonet type multipins are more robust.





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I started with Edac connectors on my multis beccause they are just about the cheepest available and acceptable for irregular use.


I've since migrated to harting and now have a handful of edac bits hanging around - including some fanouts that are complete - just have been robbed of their XLRs.


In the broadcast world we use more edacs than you would believe possible - rarely do we have a problem with them however they are invariably static instalations that rarely get disconected.



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