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Beyer M201 - Non-obvious uses?


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Hi everyone. I've been interested to read from a variety of sources that many people rate the Beyer M201 as a fine microphone, and even that it has been a mic of choice for spoken word applications in BBC radio studios.


Most people seem to use it as a snare mic, but I am curious about the number of times I read about it being a good versatile mic, with few actual specifics being given. In many ways, I am beginning to put together a picture of it being a more refined version of the SM57. I rarely if ever have to work with bands, but do quite a lot of things involving speech and 'classical' instruments. I also tend to do more recording than live.


So, having drawn a blank in the search box, I would like to ask you the following question:


How do you rate the M201 for use in speech and other instrument applications? Can you give examples where you have found it a good mic to use, on things other than the obvious snare drum application? Pass on your M201 knowledge if you don't mind!


Thanks in advance! :oops:

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I tend to use them as an overhead on jazz kits where you need to get more kit and less metalwork - they are quite good at finding the sweet spot on a piano soundboard. I find them great for radio discussion programmes - Used them on BBC radio OBs for panel type games, always with foam windshields. They are much tighter than a 57, being hyper-cardioid. A rather nice mic, I've always found - also pretty immune to handling noise.
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