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Yet more ladder rubbish


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Have a look at this!


Two things. The Fire service can break H&S rules (their explanation) for emergencies, but not to remove bunting. Surely as people trained in the use of ladders they are the experts at using them safely, and must know the law. Banning their use, suggesting roads may need to be closed is a clear misinterpretation of the legislation - and if the fire service use this excuse, then the casual user could not use a ladder, based on the fact that professionally trained experts consider ladders dangerous - so anyone less trained than them must be unsafe too!

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I suspect a there's a bit of 'journalistic licence' going on with this story and perhaps a fire chief making a point about tight budgets ....


"That could mean closing the road and using a platform to reach the bunting......


.... Unfortunately if we went down that route people might ask why we are paying firefighters to use our top level rescue equipment to remove a few flags, when a local contractor could do the job just as well."


So don't get too depressed!

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