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MultiMix 16 - Can I chain for more inputs?


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Hello all. I've been lurking for a while and I really admire the community you've built here. I decided to start looking for a solution to my problem and in the process get involved with a community where I can post some challenges, and help others with theirs. I hope to make a new home here as I learn some great recording ideas in the coming years. Thanks for having me.



I'll try to be quick & succint as I appreciate your feedback...





-I need more channels and have hit the limits of the 16 my Alesis MultiMix 16 Firewire can provide.


-My band is recording to Cubase SX3 under XP Pro with Service Pack 2. I keep my machines lean, mean and always fully patched.

-I have built a pretty beefy machine with eSATA drives to hold all data. The base hard drive is a 10,000 RPM Raptor. The system should be able to accomodate ideas & specs for any solution besides Mac.

-The MultiMix so far has done an awesome job at that which I've needed it to do. I sometimes get a short, high-pitched static burst on the guitar channels (but will save this for another day :)

-I have a limited budget ($400 max) and desire to keep using my MultiMix 16.

-I understand I could scrap the system and get 3 firepods... I also understand I could buy stuff and return it if it doesn't work. These aren't so much ideal to my goals or budget =)





-I'd like to double the amount of inputs I am able to get into the computer (to 28-32 or whatever I can get!)


-No one, including Alesis/Steinberg/Sweetwater/Guitar Center are able to tell me without question if I can successfully daisy chain MultiMix 16's through firewire and utilize more than 1 mixer

-The Alesis website says you cannot (http://www.alesis.com/support.php?cat=MultiMix%20FireWire%20Mixers#349), BUT I have found multiple product pages that say you can (http://www.dv247.com/invt/29910/ - see bottom of description).





-Can anyone tell me, in a definite way, if I would have success daisy-chaining two MultiMixes together?

-Could I get another brand (Mackie, etc...) firewire mixer and use it with my MultiMix?

-Help! =)




Looking forward to being part of the community. Thank for having me =)

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I hope you get a definitive answer from somebody here who's actually tried connecting two Multimixes and made it work. However, in case you don't:


What I CAN tell you is that your system should be fully capable of handling at least 32 tracks with no trouble whatsoever. The data transmission rate of Firewire is either 400 or 800 Mbit/s depending on which flavour is being used (IEEE1394a or 1394b). Even 32 tracks is only a small fraction of this. Similarly, a 10,000rpm SATA drive should easily handle the throughput of 32 tracks. (I'm assuming you're using 16 bit/44.1 sampling, but even higher bit depths or sample rates should be fine.) FYI, I regularly record 32 tracks on my old 7200rpm IDE drive.


So, that leads me to say that, if there's a problem, it will be down to the Multimix not being able to share the firewire bus. On this issue, Alesis and Digital Village seem to disagree.


I know it's not ideal for you, but it it was my money, I'd ring Digital Village and discuss this with one of their experts. I've always found them a helpful and competent company. If their answer was still positive, I'd place an order but on the basis of "if it doesn't work the way you say, I want my money and shipping costs back". I'm pretty sure they'd accept this, especially if they assure you all will be fine.


Good luck and I hope that you get a more definite answer than mine!



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