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Confetti Cannon / Baster Reviews

Adam G

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Haven't been posting for a while. For those that gave me some pointers back at Christmas last year thanks and the show went very well.


Now I am looking to get into confetti based effects. I have used the Pyro drop types before but I am looking for something that does not take the time to rig.


I have been looking at various items on the market but am at a loss as to whats best.


I am not looking at continuous systems just yet as I think I have more of a market for large quick coverage.


I have looked at SkyHighs & LeMaitre's but has anyone got any others they use?


Also I want the most cost effective options obviously!


What are peoples opinions on the systems above?




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Hi Adam,


Ive used many different types of Confetti effects on both stage and events. A lot of the effect depends on a few numerous factors. The size of the area to be covered, the amount of confetti you want to cover the area, and of course if it needs to be remotely operated via desk, or can be handheld.


The Le Maitre Large Confetti Carts are your best bet. Simple to use by simply fitting into the angle pod, and operating via one of their pyroflash desks. They fire upto about 5m distance and the width of the coverage area depends really on where they are mounted and the height of which they are rigged. They go off with a nice pop and they are normally filled well with the coloured confetti. Le Maitre also offer 2 types of confetti cart also. Normal and Chinese. The normal is basically round cuttings of coloured treated paper (like a hole punch cutting basically!). The other option is a chinese confetti cartridge. The chinese are rectangular cuttings of the treated paper, which tend to flutter and spin as the effect falls. You tend to get a longer hang time on the Chinese confetti. Thats what most people will tend to use.

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he Chinese call them air powered, I have no clue what the gas is but I doubt it's air, they fire from 12v or mains if isolated correctly.


Hi....Nitrogen gas FYI.


I tend to find they "keep" their charge around 2 years, then get a bit wobbly after that.

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