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Soundcard with decent outputs.

Dj Dunc

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Hi all. after doing some background reading, Ive decided that I need a decent soundcard FOR PC for audio editing / recording, to be used with Reaper amongst others. It must have at least 4 ins (more preferable)and 4 outs, with the outputs (and inputs) being at least balanced, and if possible with 2 on XLR

connectivity is via firewire or usb, or pci, preferably being outboard, for use in home - semi pro recording & post production. budget is as cheap as possible to get as much as possible.


many thanks


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With all due respect what do you want? You mention so many variables its hard to say. We all want value for money but with what you have described the possibilities are endless. Am I right in thinking you want a 4 channel balanced input sound card with 4 balanced outputs?

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