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Fogger remote goes up in smoke!!


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I remember reading a similar thread on here about people worried about a similar thing.... and lo and behold it happened to me!!


I've got a Chauvet F-1250 with timer remote which connects by an IEC to the smoke machine. Whilst working at a festival this weekend (and just popped off to get some sleep), the sound guy in his wisdom decided to move the smoke machine from where it was (and half my lighting rig!) and in the process managed to plug the remote directly into the mains.


End result was that whilst the LED's lit up, none of the buttons actually did any function. The fogger works fine still off the onboard button.


Is there a component that is likely to have taken the brunt of the 'accident' that might be easy to replace or is it a new unit? Any pointers where I might start looking as I'm off to Glade next wednesday and need if for that.





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how longs a piece of string?


whats inside the remote?


the solution to this problem will come down to one thing, cost..

will it be cheaper to buy a new remote or cheaper to pay someone like me to investigate and repair??


I don´t know the cost of the remote so cant give you any more hints...

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If this unit is the same as the Soundlab / cheap Antari type machine, all thats in the remote is a simple push to make switch and a neon indicator, I have made one before for someone who had lost one, I can't remember the pin-out but you have the original to go off. It sounds like the switch has been pressed while plugged into the mains which has fried it, popping the fuse along the way (hopefully).

You should be able to buy the switch for 50p or so. Pop the lid and have a look, (assuming you are competent to undertake the repair), it should be obvious whats gone wrong

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