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Rainbow Scrollers


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In my last venue I used Rainbow 8" scrollers with the universal backplates on the 743s with no problems, only issue I had was to make sure I used the 743s with the best lock offs to get over the heavy scroller on the front.




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Did a little bit of research.





Says that the 8" Pro can adapt to the following sizes,


"185, 190, 198, 210, 215, 230, 240, 245, 255 mm"



and on the Strand archive



The Patt743 has a colour frame issued that is


"Double die-cast runners fitted, one 215mm square metal frame for Cinemoid."


Hope that this helps.

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Just to Re-iterate one of the earlier comments, the tilt lock on the earlt 743's is not that great as it's basically the same as fitted to a Patt 23 with the wing nut and a small friction disc. some of the later ones came with a much better friction lock. I have some ChromaQ M2's which ara a little bigger than a 8" Rainbow from memory, but they fit just fine, the only real issues are the light leaks between the gel runners as they are only small tabs unlike the full runners on a more modern lantern. Nothing a bit of black wrap can't solve. This does also make it quite easy for the scroller to be knocked out of the runners so make sure the safety bond is secure, but we all do that anyway, don't we.
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