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wireless intercom

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Ive had a search and cant find anything, not even on the sites!


does anyone know what frequencies the wireless comms systems use, and is this frequency licenced, or similar to PMR,


The theatre where I work already use a wired comms, but are looking to upgrade at least part of the system to wireless for the S/M crew etc, L/X spots dont really need wireless as they stay in the same place.

the there also has users of radiomics on the licence free frequencies so the use of IEMs/ anything else on these bands would be problematic.


your experiences please.

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hi, we have used the 2 way radio setup, but have had problems with reliability and the problem of only 1 speaker at once, so we are looking at proper wireless comms.


does anyone know if you can just "add on" or would it need to be fully wirelessly based, ie can we just get a transmitter, and multiple beltpacks to use in conjunction with the existing wire system?

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If you want full duplex wireless cans, then your options are, firstly in the digital world:


* licence free digital on 2.4GHz with the attendant risks that you have no protection from other users of the 2.4GHz ISM band, which includes WiFi, domestic video senders and microwaves, and industrial plant.


* DECT, which is probably the better digital option, but the leading proponent of DECT appears not to make them anymore


Going to analogue, two families of technology, one is full duplex, you require one frequency for base to mobiles, and one frequency for each mobile to base, so a four pack set needs five frequencies, and it works just like standard party line cans, no push to talks, every gets to talk at once if they want. Analogue Half Duplex needs two frequencies, one from base to mobiles, and one mobile to base, but only one person can talk at once, and you need to use PTT buttons on the mobiles.


* use wireless microphone frequencies, which can be licenced or licence free, so you either compete with every herbert with a channel 69 mic or IEM, some of which may be artists in your venue, or you splash out through JFMG for dedicated frequencies.


* Use "walkie talkie" frequencies, either unlicenced "family radio" frequencies, with no protection from other users, of get a licence for the appropriate number of frequencies from (following the demise of the Radiocommunications Agency, I think it's now) OfCom.


Frequencies and licences are the easy bit, requiring only decision making and money, finding kit for the frequencies available is the challenge. Telex and HME are probably the premier names in full duplex wireless comms.


If half duplex will do, then look at the TecPro system that has the (modified) Icom base station repeater.

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There is also ClearCom CellCom stuff - which is DECT (at least that is what the manual on our stuff says) - however it has a weird problem with the mic feed into headset (so you hear your own voice -no idea what it is called), in that there is a few millisecond delay between you talking, and what you hear - a tad dissorienting to start with. Have not been able to find a solution (though others may know of one). It integrates well into almost any system (existing party line systems etc). Have had a few issues with it, however I cannot fault the signal coverage we get from them. Our venue is chockers with DECT and stuff running on 2.4GHz too - there are about 100 DECT phones for staff along with god knows what else, so the quality we got from the CellCom stuff was a pleasent surprise.
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Aha! The DECT solution reappears. Any idea of the rough cost of this system?


The quote I received earlier this year:


From: "Mike Weaver" <mike@mwc.co.uk>




the complete system , beltpack, base station, batteries, charger, antennas is £1050 plus vat. It will also require a standard Tecpro headset.






That's around 3150NZD. We are still trying to raise the funding for one station!! By the time we get there it will no doubt have gone up in price. :P



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