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Guildford college

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Just to chuck a spanner in the works, I've been to see a few shows done at Guildford College (my girlfriend was in them) and I was shocked at the standard of the lighting / sound. I am lead to believe that the tech students are taught by the GSA staff, which makes me wonder a few things.


That was a few years ago, so hopefully things have got better.


2p in the pot

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Well after being on this course for 4 weeks now I can now give a clear insight into how it works as they have reorganized it. It now works like this, you are now not taught in a just Bteck class you are now put in with the HND (Higher National Diploma) group and then split up into groups of 8 consisting of both btecks & HND's (you only do the classes that you need e.g. in stage management you only need to learn about Asm's where as HND's need to learn about DSM's, ASM's etc.) you are then taught all the modules in the same way. Then when it comes to shows HND's do there shows at GSA where as Btecks do there at Guilford collage. Then at the end of the course if you pass and they think your ok for it they will let on to the fast track HND through AP(E)L which means you do it in one year instead of 2.



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