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truss and stands - where to buy?


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Hi all,


Just a quick one...


I need to buy a length of truss (or rather several sections) and a couple of stands to support it.


The stands need to be fairly heavy duty wind-up jobbies. The truss needs to be trilite, or trilite compatible stuff.


It's not for taking heavy loads - mainly just supporting backdrops, with occasionally a few lights etc but nothing too heavy. It needs to be fairly easily portable too - so for example, the truss needs to break down into max 2m lengths.


The truss span needs to be approx 4m.


I'm new to all this, so would appreciate it if anyone could point be in a good direction to acquire this stuff...money is of course an issue, but equally, I want to get something that will last and that I can add to when necessary.


Many thanks,



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