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Fat Frog Fixtures


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My first time with a Fat Frog, I've searched the manual with no luck, how do you tell it where the fixture channels start, because they seem to want to be starting with fixture 1 @ channel 1 and fixture 2 @ channel 25. any ideas?
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Have another, more in-depth, look at the manual - specifically chapter 6 (Super User), the sections concerning assigning fixtures and "Manual Patch - Fixtures". Everything you need to know is in there.
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Hi, I set up a Fat Frog yesterday for a show (also my first time with a FAT Frog)

I had to spend a while working it all out but I finally got it all to work. I was using two Martin Mac 250's.


If you have auto-patched the lights the first fixture will begin at channel 49 (that is standard and it will do this automatically)


Then dependant on how many channels your fixtures use the next fixture will be however many channels on from that. For example my first fixture was 49 and each fixture used 13 channels so the next would be 62.


If you want to set specific channels when auto patching, if you look at the screen on the desk is says "start channel" and you set this to whatever channel you wish it to start auto patching them from.


Or you can go into manual patch and set them all individually just as above, setting where they start.


If you want to view which channels they are using when autopatching or manual patching if you press the button of the fixture you want to see it will highlight the channels on the screen that it is using.


Anyway my point is, to tell it where to start, when autopatching on the desk screen it says "start channel" and you can set this to any channel number and patch from there. But if it does start from channel 1 this is actually DMX address 49 on the fixtures.


Hope this helps :stagecrew:


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