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Trantec S6002E- USB monitoring


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Hi everyone,


I'm using 6 dual-receiver trantec S6002E receivers next week, and I'd like to use the excellent pc monitoring system (for which I have the PCs) that comes with them. I just need to know what type of USB cable I need to use to get from the RX to the USB hub. An obvious question I know...but I want to make sure before I order a load of cables!


Incidentally, does anyone know of a site, (or place in Bath!) that sells USB cables cheaply?


Could anyone help me out?







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I can't find anything on what the output USB is as they all just have the manufacturers description which doesn't tell you either. However, where to buy from I can highly recommend EBUYER you can get your £20 PC World priced belkin USB cables for £3 there, and are a very reliable company.
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