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PP3 chargers


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NiMH, sorry I failed to mention that. I had a browse on the internet, and went on Uniross's website and couldn't find any. I might be looking under the wrong things though.

Not so fussed about the other details, generally the cheaper the better and the more batteries simultaneously the better. Mainly it's personal reccommendations that I'm after.




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NiMH... Not so fussed about the other details, generally the cheaper the better and the more batteries simultaneously the better....

"Cheap" battery chargers are likely to fry your batteries so they are less likely to be cheap in the long run! Unfortunately that also applies to nasty expensive chargers too.


Supposedly "smart" Uniross AA chargers can heat batteries to the extent that the plastic film melts and they burn your fingers when you try to remove them! To add insult to injury the "safety timer" can be set to too short a time to fully charge a modern high-capacty cell so the damned things can knacker your batteries without ever giving you a full charge! Bought one, tested it and took it straight back for a refund!


PP3 chargers are even more of a problem since a lot of common multi-cell chargers that have some sort of control for AA/AAA cells have no control whatsoever when charging PP3 batteries - not even a timer - so you have to work out the charging time and turn off the charger yourself.


NiMH batteries don't respond well to overcharging or overheating.


Unfortunately I don't know enough about the PP3 charger market to give any advice beyond caveat emptor.



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Using radio mics which need PP3 batteries, and to save money (over time) am using rechargables - can anyone recommend a charger that will charge four PP3's at a time?


The Ansmann chargers are pretty good (the energy 16 will take 4 PP3s) There is also a 1U rackmount unit for 8 batteries


I use the Fischer Amps batteries which are distributed by Autograph Sales. Some of the "Fischer Amps" chargers are re-badged Ansmann products.

The Fischer Amps 4 & 8 way chargers have dinky little drawers that you put the batteries into for charging - with the Energy 4, 8 & 16 you push the batteries onto the contacts and this can bend the contacts over time







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