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Robe CMY


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Hi All,

I just have a query about CMY in Robes.

I have used Robe CMY units many times now, but each time I have been running just robes.

I have a show coming up in college soon where I am using Robe's (probably 575AT wash zooms) and Martin Mac 300's.


What I am wondering is:

Is there any difference in the CMY tones. As they are made by different manufactures I was wondering if the shading on the CMY wheels would be different at all?

I am looking to make specific colours and already have a MAC 600 conversion cheat sheet but will this work with Robes as well?


Any feed back will be great - even if it is just to say that the CMY should be the same!


Just thought I'd better get some advice rather than go into it blind!




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The quick and short answer is no! Mac 300's and Robe's won't have exactly the same CMY output (e.g. winding up CMY to the same levels on the lights). Generally this is due to the different ways the CMY works between the different fixtures and the colours in the flags used for the CMY.


Although the good news is that depending on the desk then you should be able to match the colours up from the different fixtures, then make pallettes and just recall these (and they'll always be matched in all your memories if you recall the pallettes.)






Edit: If you have a search around on here there are some charts around, which state CMY to LEE# for different manufacturers, might be worth getting a mac one and seeing if there is a robe one (not seen one around though).

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Cheers Dan


I will be using our in-house strand 520i.

If I had the budget then I would be using the same manufacture for all my movers but this isn't possible!


Do you know if there is a cheat sheet around at all for robe like there is for mac?

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As Dan said, there will be a difference between the CMY in the Mac and the CMY in the Robe. It is because of the way the flags come in and out. The colours wil not be exactly the same, but as Dan stated, use the groups on the desk to set colour groups, and then copy them across the units. This will allow you to call up both the Macs and the Robes to the selcted colour.


A bit of time setting up these groups before plotting, will save you hours whilst plotting.

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